Friday, 24 September 2010

This piece is called "Harmony". The necklace is made of wire and five silver pendants representing the five major religions; Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. I designed this necklace to promote my respect of people of all religions and belief systems. I have travelled to many places around the world and seen many things, I am a true believer in understanding different cultures and embracing the things that are different about one another in a positive way instead of focusing on differences with negativity and misunderstanding. We all have to live in this world and we should make it a more positive place to live rather than living in fear, stress or anxiety towards things we don't understand.
My idea is to create a different necklace for every person so that it still makes it unique to the person wearing it. There are many symbols that I have chosen to represent the different religions so that everyone can choose which order they would like theirs as well as which symbol. I am hoping that this necklace will be a small token worn by people to show their support and respect for others.
If you are interested in this necklace, you can email me to discuss which symbols you would like and which order you would like it. I also use gold pendants, not just silver.
Thank you and I hope you like my message!

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